Spa Etiquette

House Rules

Just in case it’s your first time at a spa, here are some useful tips to ensure your entire experience is stress-free and geared toward ultimate relaxation!

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the time of your treatment. If you are late, we will have to reduce you treatment so as not to cut into the time of the next client.

Acknowledge the professional spa setting. Be mindful that you can receive therapeutic and spa services only. Indecent or suggestive behavior of a sexual nature will not be tolerated.

Please be considerate of others. Turn off your cellphone and don’t linger too long in the room after your treatment as the room will need to be prepared for the next client.

Communicate any preferences, special needs or disabilities with your therapist so they can adjust to you for a comfortable visit. If you are feeling any discomfort, please advise your therapist immediately.

Tipping is not necessary but is greatly appreciated!

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